Hardwood or pine decking?

When choosing what timber you want to use for your decks (assuming you want to build with timber), there are a number of things to consider. You have the option of hardwoods like Garapa, Vitex or Kwila, or a local timber like pine.


Pine is faster growing and therefore normally a little cheaper, and you can generally be sure that it has been sustainably harvested if it comes from New Zealand.

  • easy to stain
  • generally stays cool in our harsh climate
  • cheaper
  • sustainably harvested if from NZ

The drawbacks to pine are based around its aging:

  • pine generally doesn’t age as well as hardwoods
  • pine tends to shrink, opening up gaps, causing nails to ‘pop’
  • it can warp more easily than hardwoods.
  • it is also not as dense as a hardwood, meaning that it will dent and mark far more easily.


Hardwood decking, on the other hand, is far more dense meaning it often looks nicer for longer.


Hardwoods whilst generally more expensive than pine will:

  • last longer
  • are more resistant to mould and rot
  • less likely to shrink
  • the boards come much wider than with pine, which can make a deck look fantastic

Drawbacks of Hardwood decks are:

  • hardwoods ‘bleed’ a lot before they settle down, meaning that unless you seal it immediately much of the beautiful colour leaches away quite quickly and can stain surrounding areas
  • hardwood trees grow much slower than pine trees, so it is arguably less sustainable
  • the supply chain has a chance of corruption where unsustainably harvested timber could be present

At the end of the day there are a number of pros and cons to both hardwood and pine decking to consider. Come and have a talk with us to discuss the best option for you.

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